Non-Degree Applicants

Non-Degree Status Admission Requirements

Applicants for non-degree status must meet the minimum admission requirements at the level of the degree, course, or program specified above. Enrollment as a non-degree student does not guarantee acceptance into the degree or program.

Registration is permitted on a space-available basis. Students must understand that they cannot graduate from any program or receive any degree in non-degree status. Non-degree students must follow and meet the same academic standards as degree-seeking students. Courses in which non-degree students enroll are subject to all regular tuition and fees. The university does not issue I-20s for non-degree study.

If a non-degree-seeking student wishes to change their status to degree seeking, the student must apply to the university through the regular admission process with the Admissions Office.

A maximum of 12 credits from non-degree study can be transferred to a graduate level program at the university; a maximum of 18 credits from non-degree study can be transferred to an undergraduate level program at the university.

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